Small as it is, Cuddington has a lot to offer in terms of fun activities. Whether you dwell here or are just visiting, you need not get bored as there are recreational activities of all kinds. Here are some of the best places you can visit and the fun activities you can engage in:

Sporting activities

You may choose to sit and watch some entertaining sporting activities or get in the thick of the action and challenge yourself. The JFC senior team attracts a charged crowd during the Cheshire football league that you will thoroughly enjoy being part of.

E-Scape is a lovely place to catch young drivers trying to outmanoeuvre each other in go-karting and riding races. You could also go golfing at the Cuddington and Sandiway Golf Club or play/watch tennis at the tennis club by the same village name. The petty pool also offers outdoor adventures like wall climbing and hiking.

BlakemerRelated imagee Village

This is an open area for family fun, with activities like candle making, pot-painting and play-in-the-barn. There is also a pet and toy shop.

While kids play, adults can enjoy the food and snacks at the restaurant or even join in at the adventure play park. The facility is open from 10 am to 5 pm on every day of the week; entrance and parking are free.

Go gift shopping

There are always new and exciting gifts available at the various shops in the village. Glass studio and shop Glass Bead & Marble sells some beautiful earrings, pendants, pictures, marbles, and bowls. The products are made in the studio and you could even get to learn the process.

Ginger&Browns is a pet and pet products’ shop that promises stuff you won’t experience in your usual pet shop. they give dog walks and have other shops and food/drink outlets where you can relax as your dog is walked.