The villages of Cuddington and Sandiway are well known for the richness of their sporting spaces as well as the populace’s love for such activities. There are several facilities dedicated to specific sports e.g the Cuddington and Sandiway JFC handles football matters at all levels, the Tennis Club specializes in the racket sport, the golf club welcomes some big names while E-scape focuses on motorsports.

The Petty Pool, on the other hand, diversifies the number of sports that it offers. Most of these activities are outdoor events for both individuals and teams. They are not necessarily competitive sports. Some are meant for fun and team building while others offer individuals the platform to improve their sporting skills.

Image result for Petty Pool Outdoor eventsPetty Pool Outdoor events

  • Forest adventure

This is an energy-intensive sport that tasks participants to go on a trip in the woods, where their endurance and survival skills are tested. They embark on tough terrain and have to make do with a lean supply of essential needs like food and water.

The forest adventure is a great sport for team building and also racking up personal body strength. These adventures usually take place over several days, usually in a residential package offered by the petty pool.

  • Archery

The large open spaces in the Petty Pool allow archers to sharpen their aim from whatever range they desire.

  • Climbing

Sturdy vertical walls in the Petty Pool are a challenging way to strengthen the body through vertical scaling.

  • Crate Stack
  • Zip Wire

Users pay to use the facilities at the petty pool. There is a trained team that is always on hand to offer guidance and first aid skills if needed. The facility can be useful to people of all groups. The most popular categories that come here are corporate groups and teams of other sports that bring their players here for challenging lessons about teamwork.