Image result for cuddington & sandiway logoHello and welcome to the one place where you will find all that you are looking for about the parish made up of the villages of Cuddington and Sandiway. Here, you will find detailed information about the sandy plateau in Cheshire and its embodiment in the English culture.

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Cuddington history

Understand how far the history of the two villages dates, the taxonomy of the names ‘Cuddington’and ‘Sandiway,’ and the features that tell the story of the villages.

Famous people

Despite being a country residence, Cuddington is home to many big names, both those who were born here and those who moved in after being attracted by the many great features of the parish. Get to know some big names who form part of every day Cuddington conversations and those you are likely to bump into during your random business around the village market centre.

Sporting activities

Sport is a major part of English culture, and Cuddington’s open spaces make it an ideal location for sporting activities. Get in for a review of different sporting disciplines and the places where you can find these activities within the parish.

What to do in Cuddington

The village town is a great and unique place to engage in different fun activities both as a visitor and as a resident. Get to know more about the most happening joints, family events and the things to do at different times of the day in Cuddington.

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